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  • "No lingering conflict situation with expensive lawyers and lawsuit..."
  • "Clear advice for your business or financial problem in no time..."
  • "Large network, which means that many cases can be dealt with faster and without a lawsuit..."
  • "De Nijs knows all legal avenues, is honest and reliable..."

Solving hopeless cases without legal proceeding...

Mediation consists of the analysis of cause and effect with a fair hearing. From your legal position, strategic negotiations are then conducted in order to lead the legal issue to a correct solution without legal proceedings being conducted for this.

Why Courts of mediators and not a lawyer, jurist or mediator?

  • We go further than your lawyer
  • Good advice does not always have to be expensive
  • Confidential, personal and informal procedure
  • Nobody knows your file better than you
  • Diplomacy, respect for relationships and win-win situation
  • Solution-oriented, goal-oriented and result-oriented
  • Innovative with simple and sophisticated solutions

Courts of Mediators has given me clear advice in no time, because of a negotiation for a business / financial problem.

Thanks to the proactive and driven approach, the situation was quickly unblocked and a solution was reached without legal concerns.
I highly recommend Frank de Nijs if you are faced with a sometimes hopeless situation and want to avoid an expensive legal battle!

Mr Piet Lietaert - Director of PL Sales Development - Leuven - Belgium.

I absolutely did not want a lingering conflict situation with lawyers and lawsuit.

The way in which Courts of Mediators led this conflict to a compromise within 14 days without trial, which both parties agreed, was very special to me. The mediation with relevant knowledge of the subject and insight has been very thorough and goal-oriented.

Mrs. B.D. Boeltjes - Abu Dhabi.

Frank is a knowledgeable, honest, accurate and engaging personality. Having a large network, which means that many cases can be handled faster and without a lawsuit.

Our relationship with him is that we are the client.

Koos Stuyvers - director of the Stuyvers Group, Rotterdam.

I refer entrepreneurs who, for example, have been duped, are unfairly treated by legal or financial issues, no longer see a way out without any doubt, to Frank de Nijs of Courts of Mediators.

De Nijs knows all the ways, is extremely honest and very good at communication to keep the customer informed of the progress and next steps in a case. This 'specialized generalist' will stand by your side as a partner to look for a solution to your problem, he will deploy knowledge and network for you and ensure that you receive proper assistance. I've never seen anyone who does it like that. If someone has a problem tomorrow, I would recommend Courts of Mediators.

Ms Yvonne Alfrfink, responsible at Entrepreneurs Helpdesk SME North Netherlands.

Through mediation, the fraudster was forced to fully repay the fraudulent amount of money, which had already been transferred abroad, to the client of Courts of Mediators.

Fraud case of 250,000 Euro successfully resolved through mediation.
Successful businessman in the east of the Netherlands was defrauded for 250,000 Euro by forgery. Courts of Mediators audited the complex legal business complications and established the wrongful act of the fraudster irrefutably.
The successful businessman had already won previous cases with Courts of Mediators, in which his lawyers offered no solution other than litigation.
Due to discretion, no name can be given.

Successful businessman in the east of the Netherlands.

Courts of Mediators realized clever solutions for existing obstacles with positive results where councillors offered no solution.

Antwerp family business from 1817 with international trade interests was taken over by the renowned trading house through the mediation of Courts of Mediators Kreglinger Europe N.V. in Antwerp.
Courts of Mediators mediated this business takeover confidentially and to the full satisfaction of the client and buyer.

Kreglinger Europe N.V. in Antwerp - Belgium / Company takeover.

Courts of Mediators is honest, clear, decisive, independent and thinks out of the box!

I have literally experienced how Frank views the issue and he does not hesitate to make it clear that the case cannot be substantiated or that there are still many uncertainties. In this way, the duration of the entire process is considerably shortened and there is no unnecessary correspondence with lawyers.
Frank is extremely involved with his customer and the file. Because of this, I can really recommend Courts of Mediators, otherwise you as an entrepreneur or private individual have missed an opportunity.

Marcel Oostrom - Director of Catermaat in Schiedam.

We have placed a lot of confidence in Courts of Mediators, but also got it in return and experienced the collaboration as inspiring.

We can recommend Courts of Mediators as a reliable and highly expert partner, who can come up with solutions through good file knowledge and a special approach to the problem.

Klein Buitenhof V.O.F. in Rhenen.

Thanks and compliments to Frank de Nijs of Courts of Mediators from Terneuzen.

His knowledge and experience, coupled with an excellent and business insight, manifested themselves optimally during a marketing working visit in Belgium that he accompanied.
I can therefore heartily recommend Courts of Mediators to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to start doing business in Belgium.

Ton Lindeman - PR director at Artihove in Bergschenhoek.

A solution was found in a short period of time without time-consuming proceedings, without lawyers and without a court.

All this could be done because there is a lot of knowledge available, well acquainted with the file and a great sense of empathy. The quick working method and thoroughness of Courts of Mediators is a relief and shows that things can also be done differently.
I can simply focus on my work again. And that's what we all want.

P.N. Winnubst - Winnubst Watch specialists in Lelystad.

Due to a conflict with my employer, there was a hopeless situation. Thanks to Frank de Nijs of Courts of Mediators, a file structure was created that made a responsible legal process possible.

This has resulted in my employer reaching a settlement with me.
Courts of Mediators was an indispensable link in my hopeless situation. I recommend Courts of Mediators for legal matters and affairs.

Fam. Boers - Klopmeijer in Terneuzen.

Courts of Mediators has therefore won the issue that I would never have won in any other way.

In desperation, on the advice of friends, I appealed to Courts of Mediators.
This was literally my salvation to get my true right and justice which I was also entitled to.
Despite the fact that I had legal expenses insurance.

The thorough way in which Frank deals with practical situations, he was like "a rock in the surf" to me.
The way he mediated gave me a secure and protective position.
I can certainly recommend Courts of Mediators to companies and individuals.

Mrs. E. Willemsen in Terneuzen.

American cliënt recommand Court of Mediators. Court of Mediators did mediation to Dutch IND Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

I came to the Netherlands from USA to be with my partner.
Unfortunately I became a victim of a serious fraud.
An immigration attorney and relevant authorities took up my case to stay legally with a resdident permit.
After all without any results, so I turned to Court of Mediators / Hof van Bemiddelaars to take my case further.
With Frank’s help, tireless dedication and professional mediation I was able to become a legal resident of the Netherlands.
I have the experience that I can recommend Frank and Court of Mediators for any and all your mediations you need in business and private.
Forever grateful, thank you Frank.

 Austin Marcus McGee Anderson


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

Nobody knows your file better than you

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