Family law

Family law with divorce

  • Mediation is more effective because it requires negotiation for your financial and family securities after the divorce
  • After divorce, mediation offered a solution to stop the children from being victims of the behaviour of one of the parents.
  • The spouses are mediated on the basis of existing interests for both family and wealth, in order to offer each a new perspective.
  • Family conflicts exist as a generational difference of insight, assets, real estate, business interests, inheritance with or without notarial provisions. At those moments, the emotions that then exist must be treated with knowledge and respect.

Family law with assets

  • During insurmountable family issues, it was the mediator who made the compromise between the old and the young generation regarding money matters and real estate.
  • Despite notarial arrangements, the mediator brought the compromise for those to which the parties concerned were entitled.

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