Commercial law

Commercial law with recoveries

  • The selling party will not be paid in the case of an agreement of takeover with the delivery of products. Mediation then allows the buying party to pay.
  • In the case of a lease, the lessor, as an investor of real estate, is challenged to take legal proceedings. Mediation with fair hearing restrains the legal process with final compromise.
  • Where then did things go wrong in business communication and the fulfilment of the agreement?

Courts of Mediators offers a solution by analyzing facts and data.


Commercial law with takeover

  • Mediation provides proof to the entrepreneur that their accounts are not in order for the sale of their business. Mediation provides selective RA accountant after which tax matters are settled for the sale of their company.
  • During the agreement of a company takeover, a complex fiscal legal problem arises. Mediation offers a solution by shortening the legal procedures by six months.

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