Our unique working method at your service.

  • Your personal position
    As soon as you have contacted the Courts of Mediators, an audit meeting will take place in which your problems will be discussed in detail.
    And where possible solutions are offered and explained immediately.

  • Your beacon in uncertain times
    Each file is unique and therefore requires customization.
    In this, Courts of Mediators is a beacon for you in turbulent and uncertain times.

  • Privacy guaranteed
    As communication is the basis of your unique file, this requires discretion from both parties. Your data is safe with us and your privacy is guaranteed.

Legal services without a lawyer

“We all get along from an early age: if you have a legal problem, you go to a lawyer. That's where things go wrong… "

In this interview (video), at De Nieuwe Wereld, Frank de Nijs (director of Courts of Mediators) explains how lawsuits can be prevented and what the benefits are of Courts of Mediators compared to lawyers and mediators.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

Nobody knows your file better than you

Your legal team

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